About us?

The firm BENISPORT was born in the middle of the sixties in a small town in the east of Spain within a family of enthusiastic hunters. The first garments saw the light more as a need to satisfy the own demands arisen by the hunting practice, that as a meditated and elaborated process of design as we now understand it. With the passing of the years the supply of garments was expanded and also began to manufacture other accessories and accessories related to the world of hunting; At the same time, the mode of work was gradually rationalized and each garment followed a design and elaboration process, attending at all times to the particular functional needs that this garment required, depending on the type of hunting to which it was intended. The initial commitment to quality, understood as a constant process of improvement of our garments, has become the philosophy of our company and has allowed us to offer a total guarantee to our customers. With the entry of the second generation of this family of hunters to the decision-making positions of the company, it was printed to the already well-known and respected seriousness of this firm a character of total commitment to customer satisfaction, which has now been materialized by being able to deliver orders to customers within 24/48 hours. Throughout these years, the latest advances in weaving technology have been incorporated, ... microfibers, which were not so many years ago as the most novel in fabrics, seem to be falling into the background with the recent applications in the textile of biotechnology or nanotechnology. Advances, he said, that have made possible the manufacture of garments that allow full freedom of movement, to maintain constant body temperature with thin layers of fabric. With all this, we continue, day by day, in this process of constant change and evolution to be able to offer you more and better items for the enjoyment of your favorite sport.
Benisport 2018